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Links of our guests from current or upcoming shows...

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Wine We Drank Wine Journal, Wine Rating, Wine Community website

Episode thirty-one

Cellar Master Home Wine Club Los Angeles- website for Cellar Masters of LA - Largest winemaking and grape growing forum on the Internet

Episode thirty

Vino Enology Website - Petar Kirilov's website

Uncorked Episode ten

Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales - Sam Calagione's brewery
Old Wines LLC - Marnie Old's website

Episode twenty-nine

DiStefano Winery - Mark Newton's winery
EnoLab - EnoLab, an independent and confidential laboratory for enological testing and consulting

Uncorked Episode nine

Cascade Trade - Lars Sorenson's wine distribution company

Episode twenty-seven and twenty-eight

Bentley Cellars - Rex Johnson and Barbara Bentley's Winemaking Website
WineMaker Magazine - Article about the 2006 wine competition

Uncorked Episode eight

Sigrid Gertsen-Briand - Lallemand Wine

Uncorked Episode six
David Lawson - Covington Cellars
Darren Des Voigne - Des Voigne Cellars
Derek Des Voigne - Cuillin Hills
Doug Peterson - Edmonds Winery
Gordy Rawson - Chatter Creek Winery
Jim Page - Page Cellars
Mike Janick - Janick Winery
Ron Yabet - Austin Robaire

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Great links we think you should know about

Wine Fi - A great online store of almost everything wine related - A great wine making community discussion website

HomeBrew Exchange - If you make wine this site lets you exchange your thoughts, learnings and your wine!
Wine Definitions - Great site to get definitions about wine and winemaking
PressedForWine.comWine Making Equipment and Information
Fatty Matty Brewing - Webguide
Grape Radio - Episode on cork
Robert Wade - Music featured in Uncorked Episodes
WineCast - Another fine podcast about wine tasting
Blue Wine - The wine and spirits portal