Archived Episodes of WineMaking Radio - Uncorked
Episode Nine

Running Time - 37 minutes

Lars Sorenson, former cork salesman is interviewed in this one-topic show which is all about cork.
Originally released in episodes 19 and 20 of WineMaking Radio, the interviews were re-edited to discuss where cork comes from, the various levels of quality of cork and how the amateur winemaker can make sure they are choosing the right cork closure to use in protecting their wine.

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Episode Eight

Running Time - 51 minutes

Sigrid Gertsen-Briand from Lallemand Wine products is interviewed in this one-topic show which is all about yeast.
Sigrid talks about why to use commercially available yeast, what types of yeast have been developed for certain wines. Sigrid also discusses issues yeast face in the fermentation process when grapes or fruit are not in optimal shape to support the fermentation.

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Episode Seven

Running Time - 23 minutes

In episodes 7, 8 and 9 of WineMaking Radio, a series of interviews were made to talk about the different aspects of understanding and correcting "balance" in your wine.
In this episode of Wine Making Radio Uncorked, a show that features a one-subject theme, we re-present these interviews to give you a primer or a reminder of how to make sure your wine is in balance for the success of your vintage.

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Episode Six

Running Time - 25 minutes

A series of short interviews with eight winemakers at the Passport to Woodinville, where the show's Producer, Robert Linder asks the question, "Why do you make wine?"

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Episode five

Running Time - 15 minutes

Episode five of Uncorked is from an original interview with Ed Schultz of Barrel Associates International that was presented in Episode 6 of WineMaking Radio. Ed talks about the use of oak as a storage vessel of your wine. A short and informative interview if you ever thought of aging your wine in oak.

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Episode four

Running Time - 27 minutes

Episode four of Uncorked is an audio documentary on one month in the making of wine. WineMaking Radio's producer, Robert Linder takes you on an audio journey that begins with an annual wine tasting and grape buying party. The episode continues with the delivery of the 2005 harvest of Chardonnay grapes. Robert Linder offers plenty of wine making tips as he and friends crush and de-stem, press and begin fermentation of the Chardonnay grapes. Finally the month ends with the bottling of Robert's 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon vintage.

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Episode three

Running Time - 29 minutes
Episode three of Uncorked features an interview with Douglas Moorhead. Doug has grown grapes, made wine, and sold wine making supplies for over 40 years. In this Uncorked episode, Doug shares his experiences with us and gives great perspective and advice to those of us who are new to the hobby.

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Episode two

Running Time - 19 minutes

Episode two of Uncorked features an interview with Jon Mendrick discussing the basic steps of winemaking. Originally edited to play in Episodes two and three of WineMaking Radio, this unedited version provides a simple guide to the basics of wine making.

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Episode one

Running Time - 18 minutes

Kathleen Sullivan discusses the Dionysian aspect of why we make wine.

Sources from Kathleen Sullivan’s information on Dionysus

  • Dionysus in Exile by Rafael Lopez-Pedraga

  • Chiron Dictionary of Mythology

  • Mad Parts of Sane People published by Chiron Publishing

  • Bullfinch’s Mythology

  • Angelo Spoto - (813) 868-0638
    Jungian Psychologist facilitated Dionysus in Exile Conference in St. Petersburg, FL in January 2001

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