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Episodes nine to seventeen

Episode seventeen

Running Time - 43 minutes

Raymond Meyer (who was on our Episode 13) and Dave Miller from the Full Mooners of Kentucky Wine Making Club join host, Robert Linder to discuss the creation of a wine making club and offer advice to novice and experienced winemakers.

Tim Elliot discusses the history of Chardonnay. We have a question and answer about how long to let a wine "breath" before serving and Wine News returns with an announcement about a new reality series called "The Winemakers" that will begin taping in September. Listen to the news item and get your resume in – you're on your way to becoming famous!

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Episode sixteen

Running Time - 40 minutes

Michael Brill, Founder and CEO of CrushPad visits with Rob Linder to discuss his venture in San Francisco California that allows winemakers to make ultra premium wine from some of the best vineyards in Napa and Sonoma.

Michael Jore of Presque Isle Wine Cellars joins us again to offer some advice for beginning and experienced winemakers.

We discuss a condition called "Candida Mycoderma" which all winemakers should be aware of. If you have it, how to get rid of it and what actions you should take to make sure your precious wine does not get affected by it.

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Episode fifteen

Running Time - 40 minutes

Michael Jore of Presque Isle Wine Cellars visits us again to discuss “Fining” your wine. Fining is possibly the last process you will take in the winemaking process before bottling your vintage. It’s the opportunity to fix or improve a potential tasting issue and clarifying your wine.

Continuation of an interview with Eugene Spaziani. We couldn’t fit Gene’s entire interview from Episode 14, and he has lots of advice to give to the experienced winemakers. Gene has been making wine for forty years and he shares what he is looking forward to doing in his next forty years of winemaking

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Episode fourteen

Running Time - 44 minutes

We interview Eugene Spaziani. Gene is well known in the hobby of winemaking as the author of the book, "The Home Winemaker's Companion." On top of all the writing, Gene is an Educator and Wine Competition Judge. Most of the interview is featured in Episode 14.

Also featured in Episode 14 is an audio documentary on the crushing and pressing of newly purchased grapes at a local wine making supply shop, and Wine News returns.

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Episode thirteen

Running Time - 46 minutes

WineMaking Radio is very pleased to present an interview with Brad Ring, Publisher of Wine Maker Magazine and four distinguished guests who were winners in the 2005 Wine Maker Magazine International Wine Competition which was held in Manchester Vermont from April 22nd through the 24th.
The four winning winemakers who join WineMaking Radio host, Robert Linder are; Raymond Meyer from Shepherdsville, Kentucky, Rex Johnston and Barbara Bentley from Walnut Creek, California, and Ken Mapes from Temecula, California.

Raymond won several awards at this year’s competition, but most notably he received the prestigious, Winemaker of the Year award! Rex Johnston and Barbara Bentley from Walnut Creek won the Best of Show Dessert category with their 100% Late Harvest Golden Muscat 2004 wine. Ken Mapes from Temecula, was the winner of the Best of Show Red with his 100% Merlot.

If you ever thought of entering your own wine in a competition, or just wondered who these people are that win these wine competitions, then this is a great show to listen to.

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Episode twelve

Running Time - 43 minutes

Episode twelve is a continuation of our interviews from the 2nd Annual Columbia Gorge WineFest held in Odell, Oregon on August 7th. This episode features interviews with Robin Dobson, a winemaker who uses natural fermentation and no additives procedures in all his wines. Lonnie Wright from The Pines 1852 vineyards joins us and talks about his old vines Zinfandel and other grapes on his property. Finally, Joel Sommer from WinePress.US let’s us know about new improvements to the world’s largest grape growing and wine making website, along with a review of the WinePress.US Winefest that was held in Denver, Colorado in the month of July.

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Episode eleven

Running Time - 25 minutes

Episode eleven is part one of a two-part series of interviews from grape growers and winemakers who were featured at the 2nd Annual Columbia Gorge Winefest.
This episode features interviews of Rob McCormick, treasurer of the Columbia Gorge Winegrape Growers Association and partner in the McCormick Family Vineyards, Chuck Henderson, one of the pioneering winemakers of the region, and Rick Ensminger, grape grower who manages the Celilo Vineyards.

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Episode ten

Running Time - 31 minutes

Episode ten begins with Peter Brehm from Brehm Vineyards discussing the growing season for grapes in western United States. Terry Rayner, winemaker, consultant to wineries and wine festival judge returns to further discuss the Amateur WineMakers of Ontario organization and talks about changes he has seen in the wine making hobby.
Jon Mendrick mentions a new product he has been selling in his wine supply store that is on its way to becoming a wine making favorite. We talk about the upcoming Colombia Gorge Wine Celebration and Wine News!

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Episode nine

Running Time - 30 Minutes

Features Terry Rayner, winemaker, consultant to wineries and wine festival judge. Joel Sommer from WinePress.US returns to discuss more specifics about the First Annual WinePressUS Wine Festival, and the power of the discussion board in voting for location and theme of the festival. Michael Jore of Presque Isle Wine Cellars talks about Residual Sugar as we continue our discussion of the "balance" of a wine. We talk about a product that the show's producer uses for "fining" his Chardonnay wine.

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