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Two recent video's from WineMaking Radio
November 14, 2013

Here is a video showing the additional wine you can extract from your grapes if you "fluff-up" the cake of the first press of your grapes.

I wrote an article for (no longer around)about a question I am often asked when folks find out I make wine and host a winemaking audio show on the internet.

Commoningly asked, "How do I begin?"

I wrote an article but recently explained "How Do I Begin" in a video

If you would like to read the full article. More...

Why Test Wine?

In a second article written for, Robert Linder answers the question, "Why test wine?"

You can read more of the article, Why Test Wine? or you can listen to Episode 28 where a group of award-winning amateur winemakers talk about the importance of testing their wines. Finally, Episode 29 features Mark Newton of EnoLab talking about testing your wine. Hmmm do we have a theme going on here? It's February and snowing all over the northern hemisphere, a great time to read and listen about testing you wine, then going into the cellar and, testing your wine.

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